Is your toilet running? That noise can get on your nerves fast. Usually, if a toilet is running, there is some sort of leak or water movement. There can be multiple explanations. 

Check the toilet chain. 

The toilet chain is connected to the toilet flapper—the chain’s function is to raise and lower the flapper. These parts together control the toilets ability to flush. The toilet chain should be located at the back of the toilet tank, coming off a metal arm. If the toilet chain is unhooked, it may not be lifting the flapper properly. The toilet chain may also be too long, which could lead to part of the chain getting stuck under the flapper, not allowing it to fully close or seal. A toilet chain can also be too short, which will make it difficult for the chain and flapper to do their job—meaning the toilet won’t flush properly. 

Check the fill valve. 

If your toilet is running without any other explanation, you may need to replace your fill valve. Some people may attempt to do this themselves, but it can be a messy and time-consuming process. Avoid the hassle and contact a professional plumber for a quick fix. 

What is the water level in the tank?

In your toilet’s tank, there is a water line—if the water level is not up to the water line, your toilet will run constantly. If too much water is draining, you may need to adjust the water level. 

Check the toilet flapper. 

Water leaking through the toilet flapper is a very common reason for a running toilet. Flappers get worn down over time, making it more difficult for them to properly seal off the tank. If you see some warping, discoloration, or other signs of damage on your toilet flapper, it may be time to replace it. A flapper replacement is an inexpensive and quick repair—it can be done in no time! 

Is the handle working?

If you’ve tried other fixes and your toilet is still running, you may need a new toilet handle. The handle may not be functioning properly, causing the toilet to run. A new toilet handle is a simple solution. 

How can you fix a running toilet?

Call in the experts.  No matter the reason, if your toilet is leaking, give the pros at Black Diamond Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and Air a call.  Our professional plumbers will perform any repairs and replacements you may need for your toilet to have it functioning without that pesky running sound. Taking on plumbing projects on your own can lead to more plumbing problems. Avoid that headache and give our professional plumbers a call today!