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It’s time to schedule preventive furnace maintenance (sometimes called a furnace tuneup), since heating season is about to arrive in northern Utah.

All too often, homeowners only have their furnaces checked when a problem arises. However, proper maintenance is key to keeping your home warm and cozy all winter long. Seasonal attention also ensures that your heating system is operating at peak efficiency.

Preventative furnace maintenance

Preventive furnace maintenance, completed by an experienced and qualified HVAC technician, offers several valuable benefits to northern Utah homeowners. These are top five reasons why you should schedule a tune-up today.

No. 1: Lower Heating Bills

A seasonal preventive tune-up reduces wear and tear to your heating system, as the technician checks, adjusts and lubricates the components for peak performance and resolves any issues that could cause excess energy consumption. Replacing the air filter will also improve air flow and reduce energy waste. With the system operating at optimal efficiency, you can look forward to lower heating bills.

No. 2: Increased Furnace Life

During a furnace maintenance session, the HVAC technician performs a number of tasks, including inspecting and cleaning the components and lubricating the moving parts. This can help protect against problems and keep the heating system running smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

No. 3: Fewer Furnace Repairs

Seasonal furnace maintenance offers the opportunity to discover small issues early on, when they’re less expensive to repair. Without an annual tune-up, homeowners are much more likely to experience a major heating system problem – and often, major issues make furnace replacement a must.

No. 4: Improved Furnace Safety

Keeping your family and home safe is no doubt one of your chief concerns. After a preventive furnace tune-up, you won’t have to worry about safety issues – the HVAC technician will thoroughly inspect all of the potentially problematic components, including the ignitor, burner assembly, heat exchanger, air filter and safety controls.

No. 5: Consistent Home Comfort

With proper furnace maintenance, your heating system will operate reliably all winter. Preventive care eliminates performance issues that can prevent the unit from creating enough heat to keep you and your family comfortable. If you want your home to remain cozy and warm all season — regardless of how cold it gets outside — scheduling a furnace tune-up is a smart plan.

For preventive furnace maintenance from an expert HVAC technician in northern Utah, call on the professionals at Black Diamond Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air. Our trained, licensed and experienced team can make sure your furnace is in good working order. If your heating system does need any work, our repair services come at an affordable price.

Black Diamond Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air services all furnace and boiler brands and types. If you live in Salt Lake City, Ogden Orem or anywhere along the Wasatch Front, contact us today to schedule preventive furnace maintenance.