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Air conditioning: Sometimes it feels like we can’t live without it. Other times it feels like we can’t live with it, especially after we see the latest electric bill.

How to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill This Summer

Knowing how to balance air conditioning usage and utility bills is a skill that isn’t covered in school. However, it is possible to enjoy a cool home during summer without paying a huge monthly A/C bill.

Below are five tips that will help your air conditioner work more efficiently and help you lower your electric bill this summer.

1. Replace Your Air Filters

Your A/C system return air vents suck in dust and particles from the air. These substances are caught up in the air filter. Over time, the filter becomes dirty and thick. This makes it harder for the air to pass through.

As a result, your A/C unit has to work harder to circulate the air around your house, and your system becomes less efficient.

Air filters are relatively inexpensive. Changing them regularly will help your system to operate more efficiently. Because of this, your A/C unit won’t have to work as hard and the electric bill will go down.

2. Seal Cracks and Spaces

Once your house is cool, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep that cool air inside. Before the summer heat waves hit, go around your home and look for any cracks or areas where air could leak out of your home.

Common problem areas involve windows and doors. Seal up any spaces around them and avoid leaving doors and windows open during the summer.

3. Automate Your Temperature

Your need for cooling may change throughout the day. Automated “smart” thermostats help regulate your home’s temperature for you according to your schedule and personal comfort preference.

It saves money when you can avoid running the A/C on full speed during the hottest parts of the day, when you may not even be home.

4. Use Fans and Shades

Lastly, the simplest solution is to use alternative cooling methods. Fans and shades are great examples. Blocking the sun’s rays with shades will decrease the temperature. Shades are especially valuable in south-facing windows which receive direct sunlight almost all day long.

Fans help circulate the air and create a cool breeze inside your home. This removes some of the burden from your A/C system and keeps family members more comfortable even at warmer temperatures.

5. Have Your System Serviced by a Professional

A qualified professional will perform necessary maintenance tasks, like cleaning coils and fins, to keep your system running at peak performance. Our high-performance tune-up may lower utility bills by as much as 30 percent! Regular maintenance also helps your A/C system last longer, saving you money in the long run.

Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill This Month

Another great way to lower your air conditioning bill is to get an updated, efficient A/C unit. Talk with our A/C team at Black Diamond to learn how a high-efficiency system is able to cool your home faster and more effectively.